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The first thing you see of a house is its exterior. From it we can imagine what a house will look like inside, that is why it is so important to take care of its appearance. Therefore, if you have enough space and your pocket allows it, you can place a door that draws attention visually. Although at the time of choosing it, it would also be advisable that you take into account other issues such as its resistance and the security it offers. In this article, we have assembled 12 exterior doors that stand out, either because of their design or characteristics.

1. A modern touch

We start with a door made of galvanized steel. It is framed within a facade with traditional touches, as can be inferred from the upper porch made with tiles. But the elegance and style of its color, added to the horizontal strokes, gives it a modern point that makes it unique.

2. An Interlaced design

The next door is inspired by wicker objects, where the horizontal panels intertwine creating a rustic and modern effect at the same time. Contrary to what one might think, its opening system is manual, which makes it even more original.

3. A special design

We are not very used to seeing stainless steel exterior doors, but seeing this one, the truth invites you to place one. Thanks to its design, it is a very striking and novel option that will give a personal touch to the entrance of the house.

4. A pedestrian door

This door that we talk about here was made to measure and in it iron sheet perforated in the attic and blind plate was combined, creating a feeling of solidity. The material was galvanized and lacquered in the oven in dark and sober tones in accordance with the materials.

5. Combination of materials

One of the most used combinations, especially in the doors of the entrance, is the union of wood and metal, since it is usually one of the most resistant as well as decorative options. As it is told earlier, you can achieve unique and different designs.

6. Classical and simple

The solid iron doors are a classic in the sunsets. This particular one slides laterally remaining hidden behind the stone walls and opening the passage towards the garage. A design that shows that sometimes simple can become the most practical.

7. At different heights

Steel is a very flexible material with which you can give free rein to your imagination. This type of doors is of a very modern design formed by columns of different sizes and with different motifs. One more advantage of steel doors is that they are highly durable and long-lasting. This is undoubtedly a significant factor in their popularity.

8. Upward doors

If before we saw a door that moved horizontally, now we present you one that does it vertically. In addition to being something functional and allowing you to save space. It has a modern and elegant design, and it also a great way to save space. The small homes can have a great utility of upward doors.

9. The use of Aluminum

In this case, we show you a folding aluminium welded door. In addition to being a smooth and elegant material in sight, it can be coated with other materials without losing its strength or style. Its design and colour give it a certain personality and elegance that is essential in any modern home.

10. Wood

This is another classic that will never go out of style. Its simplicity and beauty are capable of endowing any entrance with an unparalleled style and elegance. Wood is one of the most flexible materials regarding design and construction of doors. They can be achieved from doors with a rustic style, with a clean and elegant design that is also very pleasing to the eye.

11. For privacy

If what you want is for the outer door to protect you from prying eyes, here is what you are looking for. A door of this style will give you privacy as well as delimit the area that not everyone can access. This type of door is particularly beneficial or those people who want to keep their privacy intact.

12. Iron with circular designs

Iron is another very flexible material, as it is known. Thanks to its attributes you can achieve original and spectacular designs. You have to let your imagination fly to get a unique exterior door. This not only gives elegance and unique design to the door but it is highly hard-wearing as well.