wrought iron doors

There are doors designed to live a whole experience, which means to pass from an environment of which we have no control over the protected space of the house. This article contains ideas related to this essential element of any building.

With central glass

Since the world of doors is very wide, we are going to focus in this article on those designed to serve as an entrance to a domestic interior. Within this area of housing, which is still quite broad, we will dedicate our article to metal doors.

Or with several translucent glasses

In this type of doors, those manufactured with different types of metal, fit pieces of very different style and condition. When we talk about metals, we can inevitably think of industrial buildings or houses that bet on this type of aesthetic.

We can even talk about industrial elements, such as transport containers, which have been reused to be converted into homes. This option, in addition to ecological, has become a trend in recent years.

Metal lattices

Also typical of the industrial style are wrought iron doors or steel doors, which have also become increasingly common in residential interiors, even with other applications such as creating lattices to separate spaces.

Retro style doors

Combined with glass, this type of enclosures has become one of the trends of recent seasons. Able to create modern and cosmopolitan spaces, these doors bring us the aesthetics of the New York loft of the last century, as it happens in this entrance hall.

Mirror effect

A door is an entrance to a new dimension, but it is also part of the façade of the house or the access portal to our home, so it must be in line with the rest of the composition.

Interior architecture

The relationship that can be established with the rest of the facade, can be interpreted in different ways by each architect. In fact, we see how many of our experts opt to blend in with the rest of the façade materials or, just the opposite, as in this case, where it is decided to play with the contrasts.

Caring for aesthetics

In any case, you can never neglect the appearance of the door of the house, it is part of the decoration of the house to be a shared element between interior and exterior. It is important to think about the material or materials, the design itself, its size or its opening mode.

Pivot door

On this occasion, we bet on a pivoting door, a type of opening that allows a clean and almost minimalist design, since you can practically do without carpentry. To choose this type of door, it must be located in a secure environment.

Extended doors

The door does not have to be seen as a barrier, not even when we are talking about metal doors. In fact, the resistance of the material allows its combination with large glass cloths to achieve maximum transparency and luminosity.

A metallic plane

Metal doors, when they do not have to form a hermetic seal, can be designed permeable, as in this attractive metal lattice design formed by horizontal profiles.

Corten steel

This material, corten steel, has been widely used in recent years and is far from a passing fad. It is a type of steel made with a chemical composition that causes its controlled oxidation to protect the material from atmospheric corrosion, without practically losing its performance.

Interior or exterior?

Nowadays it is not easy to distinguish, at the design level, when we were talking about an interior or exterior door. Look, for example, the sliding doors allowing the interior and exterior to merge into a single vision.

Windows style

In a house, we can have several different doors, either because there is a hierarchy between them (main door and secondary door) or because one is intended for pedestrian entry and the other for vehicles, as in this case, where both are chosen Same design line.

Classic door

We finish this article about metal doors with a door formed with 3 pieces, although with a single swinging leaf, which bets on a classic design made in wrought iron and glass and the metal has many stylistic possibilities!