Types-of-wrought iron doors

Different types of windows and doors enhance the beauty of our homes. With the changing time, it has become a trend to décor the houses and the doors are the major attraction of the houses. There are numerous doors based on the manufacturing material and based on different features. Doors serve different purposes and have different advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s study the different types of doors

  • Doors made of timber or wood

Timber or woods is mostly used for manufacturing of doors and windows. It is used by the local carpenters as it is the commonly used wood. It is easily available, and that is the major advantage of timber or wood. We can see the large varieties of these types of doors in the market. You can purchase according to your budget.

  • Ledged and Battened doors

These are the simple form of doors and are the oldest of the trends. These types of doors consist of wooden battens in a vertical shape, and its height depends upon the thickness of the doors. It uses three ledged most of the times. One at the upper side, the second in the middle horizontally and the third at the end of the door. These types of doors are mainly used for the people who have less budget and used for toilets and are used to provide a better appearance.

  • Doors with panels and frames

The doors with different types of panels and frames are used in the houses most often. There is a frame used for the door which is made out of wood and also with the shutter panels made with the use of timber, plywood and hardboard etc. There can be numerous designs made from these panels.

  • Glass doors

The doors and windows have the glass for the purpose of panelling. But there can be the proper glass doors as dependent on the location and the use of the doors. It is mostly used for the areas of backyards and the gardens for the full coverage, and it also helps to provide a better view. We can also make glass doors for the front side, but we should take care of the durability and the privacy. Glass doors can be costly and also need maintenance. They have a disadvantage of being heavier.

  • Doors made of steel

Steel has been used for years and is most effective for the purpose of doors. It is durable material and also provides more security. There are different options for steel doors which depends upon the interior and exterior of the house. Steelworks as a good substitute for wood and is used for making frames also. The frames of steel are quite famous and are quite economical.

  • Doors made of PVC

PVC is the acronym for polyvinyl chloride. PVC is the material used for making different products such as pipes, tanks of water etc. It is the better substitute of plastic as it is not affected by water. It is more long-lasting and more economical. The affordability is the main attraction. And it is quite popular with different patterns.

Doors can serve you as per your requirement and budget. You need to decide and choose among different types.