types of wrought iron fence

Wire fences are a perfect option for the security purpose of your perimeter fencing. Besides the security, it can also be used for the decoration of some articles in your home and helps to give an airy look. If we choose the wire fencing for our house, it is quite beneficial as it is durable and comes in various designs also. And if you want to give it an upscale look, they are also in the vinyl coating. You can choose from different designs available. And if you are thinking of security purpose, you can go for the electric wire that will be perfect as per your requirement.

Here are the different choices of wire fences available in the market:

  • Rabbit and deer wire

These wires come up with the larger opening at the top, and they also have a small opening at the lower side, these are long. The basic purpose of these wires is to keep away the animals that can enter the farm. The small and longer openings keep all type of cattle away. These are made of different kinds of attractive materials. People can also use beautiful frames for their homes which will serve the purpose of security and beauty both.

  • Non-climb wire

These are the two by 4-inch measurement wires that are twisted and woven with each other. The length of these wires is from 2 inches to 6 inches. To control the livestock cattle, people use these wires so that they can stop the way for cattle, goats, horses, sheep, dogs and pigs. To save the property and to have a long line, these are perfect to use. These are also used for a decorative fence that is available in different variety made of different materials.

  • Welded wire

These are the cheapest options that help to keep sheep and dogs out of your property. If you have flat land, you can go for it. The welded wires come in different sizes from 3 inches to 6 inches. These are vinyl coated in green and black colour.

  • Panels of wire

These are the wires that come in three different patterns. These are the panels that are mostly used in the grand areas and to handle the pets. They are tall in length and have an opening towards the bottom.

  • Barbed wire

It is also a cheap option for the houses. These are only a combination of 3 to 5 strands. The best purpose of these wires is to control the cattle as they make the best barrier for the open properties.

  • Cable rail

These are the rails that are made of steels and are made for the purpose of fencing the perimeters, railings etc. The poles can be made out of wood or steel. These wires vary in thickness, and you can buy as per your need. It will also help in preserving the view of your property.

Thus, you can select as per your choice and buy it according to your preference.