fences for your garden

The fences have become an element to establish very decorative boundaries and that has also evolved towards a great variety of designs and materials such as wrought iron, wood and even hedge. When choosing, you have to take into account the style of the house, you can choose a more traditional type or maybe play with creativity, the choice is yours. Here you have 7 types of garden fences that differ in materials, design and size.

1. A mixture of materials

Much of the success of this venue lies in the way it is integrated into the environment. As you can see in the photo, the garden and the fence seem to be made for each other, stone and interlocking wooden trunks complement each other in a natural way without drawing attention or creating landscaping breaks.

2. A modern style

This is a fence for the very special garden that, unlike many other fences that can be found, not only serves to set the boundaries of a property, it also turns out to be an active and decorative part of the garden itself. The warm and friendly colors of the fence play with the gray tones of the stones, the brown color of the earth and the green of the green grass and the plants, creating a beautiful and enviable set, with a certain zen air.

3. Simple and wooden

This fence shows how wood, in addition to being used for more sophisticated forms, can also be used in more discrete but equally effective solutions both aesthetically and functionally. It is an interesting proposal that will not revolutionize the idea of the fences but that creates a nice contrast with the sunlight, giving the whole an attractive touch of neutrality and timelessness.

4. A traditional idea and easy to install

In this image we find a much more traditional style, which we could call even normal. However, in no way restricts creativity in design, on the contrary, confirms the personality that the fence gives to the rest of the house to be a style that is present in our collective memory.

5. Chrome-plated metal: an innovative design

We continue now with a surprisingly modern fence and no less interesting than any other design. Interestingly, instead of showing soft and pleasant colors, closer to the concept of a garden, its style is expressed by metallic and chrome tones, with a spectacular appearance, creating a great contrast between the fence and the garden behind it.

6. A wall of stones held by metal

The same fence as before but seen from the inside of the garden speaks now of its effectiveness in terms of privacy. The brightness of the metal and the chrome gray tones acquire from other perspective much more presence and personality.

7. Between thin concrete columns

Finally, we present a charming fence, a beautiful color and a close and familiar design, which manages to bring something new to offer as competitive as the fences. The wrought iron fence fit at different heights on concrete pillars to surround a large room full of creativity, design and functionality.