Wrought iron manufactures Luxury-Outdoor-Gate-Design

Mission & Vision


To be the market leader for small and medium enterprise scale of industry. Nirtej makes high quality iron casting for the industry and clients.


A dependable supplier of high-quality products.

A proficient organisation with the customer-centered approach to services.

A company philosophy that reveals our principles, values and standards, where folks take their jobs seriously and bring new ideas to the front. Customers and suppliers appreciate and recognize that we are a professional company.


We are truthful and dedicated, both in our external and in our internal dealing and contacts.

All employees are treated appropriately and impartially. We are authentic with our clients and suppliers.

We are respectful towards the assets (e.g. customers, suppliers, products, etc.) of the company.

The happiness, health and security of the workforce are chiefly important to us. We use all sensible ways to control the damage to the environment.