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The windows with double glass are the perfect option to obtain benefits in the rooms of the house, in terms of achieving improved thermal insulation and acoustic isolation.

In addition, with double-glazed windows in the houses, energy and economic savings are achieved. It doesn’t matter whether they are metal windows or not. That is a different aspect. Double windows have many advantages and although at first, they involve an investment, it is worth opting for this type of window for our house, be it small or small, rustic or modern. In this article, we are also going to share advantages, disadvantages, designs and ideas of double-glazed windows.

  • What are the double windows?

When you already have the windows of the house and you want to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation, you can go to an intermediate solution that is to place another window, this solution is called the double window. It is the placement of another window by the inside or outside of the existing one. In this way, two independent windows are formed, each with its own frame and frame. In this double-window solution, it is not necessary to have a certain type of window on the outside or inside of the wall, for this solution to work.

  • Advantages of the double window

Advantages of this type of solution to achieve thermal and acoustic insulation

-The double windows are a good system but it is not the best.
-With double window reduces the loss of heat or cold depending on the time of year and the weather of the season, since the air chamber between the two windows acts as insulation.
-When using the double window, it prevents cold or heats from entering the home depending on the time of year.
-The double window provides a considerable energy saving.
-Lower use of air conditioning, with a lower expenditure of electricity and therefore lower economic costs.

  • What is double glazing in the windows?

Unlike the double windows and if these are replaced by others in order to achieve a better solution, then a window with double glazing is designed. In the double glazing, the window is composed of two or more sheets of glass, separated by a gas chamber or dehydrated air.

  • Advantages of double glazed windows

-Greater space between the windows of the windows with double glass, greater insulation of the house.
-Upper energy efficiency.
-Better economic savings.
-An optimal thickness between the two glasses is 16 mm.
-In addition, insulation in a double-glazed window can be improved if a glass called ATR of reinforced thermal insulation is placed in the glazing.
-The exterior glass and the interior must have different thicknesses.
-The exterior glass must have a greater thickness than the interior.

  • Types of double glazed windows

In renovations of houses, we must take into account that the frames of this type of windows are thicker, presenting a specific carpentry. In addition, it is easier to install them in new homes, where the thickness of the frames of this type of window has been taken into consideration, in the design and construction of the house or in a total renovation that includes complete replacement of windows including window frames.

-Windows with triple glazing up to triple glazing can be considered to guarantee a better solution with two ATR glasses and two 16 mm cameras.

  • Double window or window with double glass

Which of the two window types works best as an energy saving and economical?

Both window solutions, the double glazing and the double window work the same in improving energy and economic savings. However, in a double-glazed window whose composition is high-end, the values are greater than in a double window.

Advantages of a double glass window over a double window

-The double-glazed window wins in aesthetics.
-The window with double glass is more practical for its maintenance and cleaning.
-The windows with double glazing have better results in terms of thermal insulation.