Care-for-Wooden-Gates at Nirtej wrought iron furniture

Windows and wooden doors are elements that make our home unique. Although it is a very resistant material, it is important that we take into account some advice to keep the wood in the best conditions, so that it can continue offering us the best performance. Read on to discover the basic care for wooden doors and windows.

Steps to take care of the wooden products

How can we keep wooden doors and windows as good as possible? The first thing that we must take into account is which problems are the most common ones that it faces.

Depending on the climate of our place of residence, the exterior doors and windows will be more affected by the sun, wind, rain, snow or hail. For example, wooden garden gates and external main gates are most exposed to these factors. To protect them from these elements, it is ideal to perform periodic maintenance to prevent deterioration.

The best thing is that we start with the maintenance of our doors and windows as soon as possible. Instead of waiting for them to deteriorate, however minimally, it is ideal to take care of them from the start.

The basic care of the wood is to pass it gently a cloth, either dry or lightly moistened, the areas where we find some kind of stain. If we only have to clean fingerprints, it is not even necessary to use a cleaning product.

We must also ensure that the cloth does not have any element that can scratch the surface we are going to clean, and we must avoid excessively strong products that can damage the wood, otherwise, the remedy will be worse than the disease.

How to save wood having direct exposure of the sun?

Sunlight can be a problem for the wood. Any element of this material that is on the outside, be it a door or a window, will suffer from the sun, especially those that are oriented towards the south or the east. If we do not apply any protection treatment, what will happen is that the colour will be lost and it may turn grey. How do we avoid it? With tinted protection. The pigments in it will filter the sun’s rays, like sunscreen on people’s skin.

Protecting the wood with varnishes

To prevent the problems that may arise, it is interesting to protect the wood with varnishes. Some of the varnishes we can use are also repellents of fungi, insects and other types of bugs that can be a serious problem and are real enemies of wood. There are some lesser-known products that you may have at home that can also help you take care of the wood. For example, flaxseed oil, which is rich in Omega 3 and other types of nutrients, is able to protect wood from windows and exterior doors.

In case we have bad luck and the wood of our house is severely damaged, it is best to have professionals to help us solve the problem. The truth is that, if we invest from the first moment in quality woods and a service that guarantees the correct installation of the windows and doors of our home, we will not have big problems and the basic care of the wood will be enough.