Nirtej decorate-modern-barbecue-areas

The family widely uses the barbecue areas. That’s why today we are going to dedicate to show designs, decoration and ambience of this place in the house where the grill is the main reason.

  • A good option is to furnish for no less than twelve people with absolute comfort. Put an extensive table in the barbecue and illuminate with two glass bells hanging from a metal bar. Let the brick walls be visible giving a bar style. Hang the utensils at random, as in a country kitchen.
  • Another idea for a closed space is to put glass planes that allow to open to let in air, light and even be practically in the garden without leaving the house. Make the grill the center of the place. You must locate it, flush with the glass, with the body of the chimney outside, to gain space and avoid smoke.
  • And as the last option we propose a radiant tube system that allows heat to concentrate on people, so you can enjoy the outdoors without having to suffer the inclement weather throughout the winter. To be able to take advantage of the space of the place of being, you can put in it a cushion that covers it from end to end, putting a drop in a light color and adding as a backing a glass panel.

A barbecue area is always an expansion of the house, wherever it is located. According to the current canons of preferences in decoration, there is an inclination towards minimalist decoration, and the barbecue areas are no exception.

Stripped-down atmosphere

With a stripped-down atmosphere and the use of certain furniture arranged thoughtfully. The aim is to create an environment free of overloads. In contrast to the barbecue areas that were used until a few years ago, rustic, with many adornments.

The minimalist barbecue areas can be opened as in this case in which surrounds a pool or closed, providing a space protected from the rigours of time. Always the right thing to do is to decorate with simple furniture, modern lines, stripped of too many ornaments, with colors usually clear or white. Wood, metal, glass, all indistinctly combined with upholstery not too many colors.

The constructions realized for meetings or barbecue areas are ideal spaces to use the rustic style since they are informal places and of multiple uses. The barbecue areas with rustic style are one of the most accessible options and those that more adapt to our way of life.


Decoration-of-barbecue Brick walls are very popular options in these environments. The floors of flagstones, too, are very appreciated in these cases because besides being cheap, they are easy to maintain.

One of the most common options is to incorporate the space of an existing gallery, placing an appropriate enclosure to the style of the house. It can also be used open since fewer days can be used per year.