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Does it matter if the house is not new? Absolutely! If the inertia of life has led us to neglect some aspects of the decoration of our home, it is never too late. We recommend starting little by little and not making a big effort, because wanting to change everything in a single weekend, is impossible. Better to plan, make a budget and get down to work!

And if you do not have a lot of money? Inventiveness is your best friend. Buy second-hand items, re-upholster, restore, paint and create. When making the work plan to decorate your home, make a list of the furniture you have, the furniture you can buy, the material or experts you need to start working, and the budget they have for each task.

In this article, we will give ideas to decorate your home with ideas of professionals.

1. Ideas to decorate your living room, whether small or large:

It does not matter that the space is small, the sofa is a main piece and you can decorate around it. Find a suitable chair to the size of the space whose color and shape harmonize with the other elements of the room.

-The shelves will always be of great help, so you can organize the objects to give rhythm to the wall (not all of the same size or the same material or grouped symmetrically). A bright or dark color in the background of these, will make the accessories stand out and come alive.
-Do not put the shelves at the same height or aligned. Make them occupy space harmoniously.
-The colors can be chosen from the range of neutral tones or include a strong color such as olive green, blue or yellow on a wall.
-The TV cabinet can be modern and recessed in the wall; and around it to define the decorative style and the distribution of the furniture.

2. Lighting as an element to decorate your house:

-Find the right lighting. Always, always, always more is better in terms of light. Better to put some curtains or blinds that cover the sun that is dark.
-If there is not much natural light, fill with lamps and mirrors that reflect the light.
-The coffee table is another fundamental piece. In it you can wear your favorite sculpture, a collection book or vases with fresh flowers. They can also hide useful objects such as television control, speakers for the iPod or favorite magazines.
-Do not forget to complement with a carpet that covers part of the floor under the sofa and with cushions that give that touch of distinction and comfort that all furniture needs. It is better to invest in a good carpet and good cushions that last several years, than to be changing them constantly. A good impression is achieved by renewing what you have now.

3. Ideas to decorate the hall of your house:

The hall is the first thing you will see when you get home and it will give your guests a good impression. What do you need to decorate it? We share some ideas to decorate the interior entrance:

-A striking furniture to the entrance. It does not matter if it’s second hand, if it’s made of wood, paint it or paint it, or decorate it with wallpaper or gold foil for handicrafts.
-Press the wall behind the hall to highlight the furniture. Use contrasting colors or a framework that has complementary colors.
-A lamp will help you feel warmer to welcome and illuminate the entrance.
-Do not forget to reserve a special place to place the keys or have at hand an umbrella, a coat or some comfortable shoes. You can also seek help from a professional to advise you and the ideas to decorate your house.

4. Ideas to decorate a bedroom of the couple:

If you live as a couple, reaching an agreement for the decoration of the bedroom can be difficult.

How to start to decorate the double bedroom?

-Make a list of what you like and what you do not like. See if there are coincidences
-Gather your most precious things (pictures, photographs, sculptures, books, etc.) to find a style that unifies you.
-Get a colour swatch and select three: a neutral tone (dominant), a secondary colour and an accent colour. Follow the 60-30-10 rule: Use the dominant colour in 60 percent of the space, the secondary colour in 30 percent of the space and the accent colour in 10 percent of the space.
-Getting accessories that you like and that go according to the style: Fans, curtains, cushions, sheets and quilts, plants and carpets.
-Complement the precious objects with these elements.

5. Ideas for decorating a single or single bedroom:

If you live independently, it is much easier to decorate the bedroom but we recommend that you get a second opinion, since discussing the plans with another person, will not only give new ideas but will put your own perspectives in perspective.

What to do to decorate the individual bedroom?

-Separate the most precious objects of those that only have by inertia.
-Unit with a style. If you do not let it go or keep it in a box with all the memories.
-Remember that the bedroom says a lot about the person. If you are an unsophisticated person, do not select open but closed dressing rooms, where they can be a little more flexible with the storage of clothes. If you are a person addicted to cleaning, do not place many ornaments, since you have to spend a lot of time to lift and dust each one.

What colours to choose for the decoration of a single room?

– Follow the rule 60-30-10 to choose the colours as discussed above.
– If the bedroom is very bright, any colour that pleases enough to see it daily is possible.
– If you have low lighting, use warm and light colours for the secondary and strong colour accent that complements the decoration on one of the walls, as they will make it look more bright and wide.