Our Products

We deal mainly in four broad categories of products:

  1. Various products made of Wrought Iron including the industrial and non-industrious applications. Various products made of Cast Iron, which come in many designs and types. This mainly includes decorative and functional purposes for houses, buildings and other residential spaces.
  2. Fasteners used in various industries, which include different types of nuts and bolts that are used to join different parts in many different types of machines.
  3. Wooden Products that mainly include wooden furniture and decorative items made using the combinations of wrought iron, cast iron, wood, glass and leather.
  4. Decorative products that are crafted out of various materials and their uses are more on the decorative side than the functional one. Some decorative articles are also modified or custom made according to the needs of the clients.

Wrought Iron Products – Initially specializing in wrought iron railings, we have expanded to include staircases, wrought iron gates and fences, security doors and window grills as well as other products. These products serve the purpose of both security and decoration. You can scroll to the products page to see more of our products and if you do not the product that you are looking for which is made of cast iron or wrought iron, do let us know. We might be able to provide the item to you, apart from the given products, we have a lot more to offer.

Fasteners – Fasteners used in the industrial application are particularly created to endure high tension. There are other types of fasteners too that are specifically designed for use on platforms, fences, roofs, siding, mouldings and other outdoor developments. All premium quality fasteners have undergone a rigorous testing and monitoring process and offer a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.

Wooden Products – Our range of Indian Wooden Handcrafted Furniture are completely handcrafted by accustomed and traditional craftsmen, who possess great capability in their field of work for the knowledge passed on from generation to generation through centuries. We characterize the excellent accumulation of wooden handicraft that voice complete grace, refinement and class which is our pride and guarantee. Wooden products are also custom made, so you can choose according to your settings, interior decoration and space.

Decorative Articles – We have a complete range of decorative items that can turn a house into a home and add on to the aesthetics of any space. Beginning from a small photo frame in the living room to Idols & Figurines in the bedroom and candle stands in the dining room, there is a product for each and every corner of the house. There are photo frames, sculptures and statues, candle stands and tapestries. In short, we have a wide range of decorative articles – Everything that can decorate the four walls and the doors in them; the floor and the roof and the things in between are available with us, and that too in multiple designs and high build quality.