Decorative Articles Range

We have a complete range of decorative items that can turn a house into a home and add on to the aesthetics of any space. Beginning from a small photo frame in the living room to Idols & Figurines in the bedroom and candle stands in the dining room, there is a product for each and every corner of the house. The presence of some specific decorative articles can make a great addition the aesthetics of a workplace or a corporate office building too.

  • Framed Prints & Collages – They are made of high-quality canvas, which guarantees an average lifespan of more than 50 years for your satisfaction. Printed with special inks that do not lose colour for years. We offer a large number of modern framed canvas art, which range sunsets, landscapes, visualization and more. These frames look incredibly realistic, the viewers giving the impression and a beautiful, stunning appearance. We use modern designs that will make any room in your home look amazing.
  • Sculpture and statues – Gardens sculptures of different styles for unique environments. You can find a wide variety of styles and designs of statues for courtyards. Some works of art such as sculptures, paintings or even photographs are great to boost your interior designs.
  • Tapestries – Like fashion and fabrics and tapestries too go through cyclical periods in which designs and colours can go from pistachio green with circles and stripes, to a classic plain coffee colour. And there are as many designs and colours as possible buyers. Whether the fabrics are brought from China or India, the variety is overwhelming and the power of infinite combination. It’s all about defining what you want when it comes to decorating.
  • Wall Panels – The design of the living room requires special attention today. We show some ideas of very original wood decorative panels for you. The 3D wall panels are of high quality, an artistic product, durable and respectful of the environment that takes interior design to a new high. There are several types of wooden wall panels; among them are solid wood mosaics and wooden panels.
  • Decorator Pieces – The decoration with paintings and other decorative pieces incorporate an element of decorative value that helps to reinforce the style and brings personality to the decoration. Due to their visual presence, the walls acquire a prominent role in decoration. Things used to decorate or restore walls are painting, patinas, stencilling, wallpaper, murals, coatings etc.
  • Designer Doormats – Discover the wide variety of materials and designs you can find in the world of doormats. There are doormats made of many different types of materials such as coconut fibre, rubber doormats, plastic doormats and metal doormats. Regardless of the mat material, there is a wide variety of original doormats based on their shape.
  • Room Dividers – There are many types of room dividers too. There are wooden dividers that separate the kitchen from the dining room. It is a kind of separator that adapts very well to any space, providing air and light thanks to its design. There are also space separators with shelves.
  • Wall Clocks – Wall clocks do not only they fulfil their role of showing the time, they are also an interesting instrument for decoration. There are many types of wall clocks, which allows us to have a wide range to choose from. There are Large sphere type of clocks which are circular in shape; there are cuckoo clocks famous for having a little door through which a little bird comes out to sing every hour, and there are clocks having pendulums.
  • Fancy Mirror Frames – Ornamental motifs and colour are reminiscent of the style called Shabby chic; feminine, detailed and very romantic. There are many types and each type has multiple names. Choose for yourself the style and the type that you like for your kitchen and washroom.
  • Modern Paintings – There are canvas and vinyl type that are mostly used in the modern day houses and apartments. There are many original and unique designs and patterns in vinyl. Also, the colours that match the furniture and decoration that is already is installed are available.
  • Lights & Lamps – Types of lighting include the Natural light and artificial light. The lighting in hallways and stairs, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom are all different types. The correct balance between type and quantity of light that a space receives, allows transforming the way in which it is perceived, making it possible to enhance or reduce the decoration and even intensify the value of the decorative elements (mouldings, furniture, textiles, etc.). With a good planning of lighting, choice of materials (artifacts and lamps) and distribution, you can change the look and atmosphere of a room. On the contrary, the misuse of lighting can spoil a good decorative idea. The basis of all illumination is light. Nature gives us a usable light source that is the sun, but this light is not enough because our social life also develops during hours when the sun goes down, the natural light disappears, making it necessary to use artificial lights.
  • Candle Stands – Hand-forged metal candle holders or wrought iron candle stands are a great piece of decoration on any dining table. metal candle holder for wall hanging and flood stand all kinds of candles – tiny, large, old and new designs.
  • Vases & Artificial Flora – There are various types of vases that go to make the perfect style statement in different settings, adding to the aesthetics of the space. The glass vases with submerged flowers, Naturalism at home with large vases for your favourite flowers, for the interior with wildflowers in large designer vases, elegant glass vases or vintage style vases.
  • Idols & Figurines – These include the miniature images and idols in clay, Tau-, Psi- and phi- type figurines, Schematic female figurines with arms folded or raised and types of ancient cult objects.
  • Fancy Wall Brackets – These include decorative iron brackets made of cast iron. Floating shelf brackets, black bookshelf brackets, heavy-duty countertop supports and vintage type durable cast iron brackets for holding flower pots are some of the types that are most commonly order by the clients.