Fasteners Range

Are the Fasteners as good as the material you are installing? Make sure they are. When a contractor is asked to use better materials, for example, coatings, roofs or platforms, the customer expects the fasteners to be of equal quality.

Unfortunately, all too often the selected fasteners are of inferior quality to the product being installed, such as when a lifelong layer is installed with nails that last for five years.

Principal uses of the fasteners are in dis-assembly for inspection and repair, modular design and where a product consists of a number of sub-assemblies.

We provide various types of fasteners:

Removable Fasteners
Semi-Permanent Type
Permanent Type
We also manufacture the most common male types such as
Hex Head,
Slotted Head,
Flat Head,
Round Head,
Socket Head,
Button Head
And Socket Set Screw

The most common types of female fasteners are also manufactured such as

Regular Hexagonal Nuts

Nylon Ring Elastic Stop Nuts (also known as ‘Lock Nuts’).

  • Automotive Fasteners – In the future, demand for automotive fastener products is expected to increase. This is because the shift to hybrid cars is accelerating, that requires more fastener parts than conventional gasoline cars. Our bolts, nuts, screws etc. are used in cars all over the world. Fastener products are created for joining parts together and are exported to many automobile manufacturers developing overseas.
  • Industrial Fasteners – Many industrial fasteners are used for transportation machinery, electrical products, and housing-related products. In order to carry out various applications, it is necessary to manufacture various kinds of industrial fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, etc.).

For fastening makers, high mold accuracy is required to manufacture precision industrial fasteners. By utilizing simulation for die design, formability can be evaluated beforehand, confirmation of dimensional accuracy and reduction of hand reversion can be done.

From proposal of design as precision industrial fasteners to mass production, we are proposing solutions to fulfil customer needs based on cooperation between NIRTEJ and many partner companies. We design and manufacture according to customer’s designs too. In addition, we are developing and selling various fastener products, including standard products, centered on quality control in the manufacturing process of each product.

  • Construction Fasteners – Construction fasteners are of many types such as self-drilling screw pierce screw with a pilot hole in steel plate, tapping stand and tightening at the same time; bolt cap fasteners having a protective cap for anchor bolt and nut. We deal in a wide range of construction fasteners which include appliances, boards, siding, various roofing materials, etc. that are applied on various underlying materials such as concrete, steel frame, ALC, light sky, extruded hollow plate.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners – The use of stainless steel fasteners reduces replacement costs and preserves the look and life of the development. Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolt is mainly used in industrial applications. They are particularly created to endure high tension. Our stainless steel fasteners are specifically designed for use on platforms, fences, roofs, siding, moldings and other outdoor projects. All premium quality fasteners have undergone a rigorous testing and monitoring process and offer a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.

The use of stainless steel fasteners reduces replacement costs and preserves the look and life of the development. Our stainless steel fasteners are guaranteed to last the entire life of the project and cost less than 2 percent of the total project cost. The product line includes nails, screws and stainless steel band nails, available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

  • Manufacturers of High – quality coatings, moldings and building materials have witnessed how inferior fasteners negatively affect their products; that’s why they recommend stainless steel fasteners.
  • Galvanized Fasteners – They are also called Hot-Dip Galvanized Fasteners. Hot dip galvanized fasteners are coated with a layer of Zinc that protects the steel from corrosion. They are chosen for the application of fabrication connections keeping in mind the anti-corrosion properties. How to protect the fabrication from corrosion is always a prime concern of the builders and developers. That is why the corrosion resistance of fasteners is important because if the fasteners corrode over time, the integrity of the entire structure falls under a huge risk.

Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) delivers long-term, maintenance-free corrosion protection of fasteners, thereby removing all the worries of frequent corrosion inspections. They may be used in concrete in the open atmosphere, where they are under the exposure of water (both fresh and salty) and soil. The maintenance-free quality of the galvanized fasteners makes it possible to last for a long time without needing any hard field repair jobs and avoiding any costs the go into those repair jobs.

  • Heavy Duty Fasteners – Most Heavy Duty Fasteners are particularly created to be used in roofing applications that need exceptional system performance. They are also used on tailgates, drop side boards on utilities and many other industrial applications.
  • Self-Tapping Screws – The self-tapping screws are the result of the high precision in the manufacturing, the best integral treatments added to the quality of the raw material (carbon steel) and the constant monitoring, with the highest quality standards of the market.

The self-tapping screws allow the locking of the thread in soft thermoplastics. The base of the resistant thread with a large pitch of the fixing element allows greater thread locking on soft thermoplastics, which increases the resistance to extraction and improves the performance of the product. The continuous search for efficiency and reduction of operational times in fixing tasks derive in the use of various types of self-tapping screws such as: hexagonal wick, hexagonal needlepoint, hexagonal point 17, milling, flat etc.

  • CNC Machined Hex Nuts – NIRTEJ has been manufacturing CNC hexagonal nuts and cap nuts for a long period of time. So, we have a large number of dedicated machines for making nuts from small to large. Almost every size of clamp, tap is available. So, we can offer various types of screws of hexagonal nut, cap nut etc. of free size, of any number, at an economical price. Standard Hexagonal nuts are always in stock.
  • Heavy Head Fasteners – Heavy hex cap screws and bolts generally have a big and heavy fastener head for allocating clamping load. These fasteners are used to endure heavy weights, pressures and temperatures. Below the head, Hex cap screws have a washer face and it is used in precise applications. Almost all of them come in a hex head.
  • Grease Nipples – Also called grease fitting, grease nipple, Zerk fitting, or Alemite fitting, hydraulic-type nipples are appropriate for all standard lubrication points, which often need to lubricated in a dependable way. Hydraulic types are the most commonly used types of grease nipples, because of their multi-purpose field of application.