Wooden Range

Our range of Indian Wooden Handcrafted Furniture are completely handcrafted by accustomed and traditional craftsmen, who possess great capability in their field of work for the knowledge passed on from generation to generation through centuries. We characterize the excellent accumulation of wooden handicraft that voice complete grace, refinement and class which is our pride and guarantee. In this wonderful class, we offer outstanding handcrafted products in terms of their fundamental pattern, design and eye-catching colour combinations, not to mention the outstanding workmanship that is used in transforming them into real works of genius and the collector’s envy and pride.

  • Beds – When it comes to choosing between the different types of beds that exist in the market for the decoration of our bedroom, we often find ourselves faced with the situation of having to choose between design and functionality. There are very interesting designs that follow our style, but they may not fit on a practical level on a day-to-day basis. Let’s see what varieties of beds we can choose and what each of them brings to our bedroom.

There are Compact Beds for better use of space, Bunk beds for children, Upholstered Beds with drawers. Light Beds have legs and look good in spacious settings. Low Beds that do not have legs and are comfortable in sitting with legs on the ground. The iron beds are probably the oldest structures bed, although the rise of vintage style and the industrial style has given them a new life.

  • Wardrobes – Whether they are cupboards for the bedroom, for the bathroom or for the living room – cupboards do not only decorate our houses, but there is an immense variety of cabinets in which to keep specific things, such as shoes, clothes, dinnerware, beautiful accessories, our favorite jewelry, and all kinds of things that we do not need or use on a day-to-day basis.
  • Cabinets & Sideboards – The functionality offered by the cabinets is as important as their design and style. The custom cabinets are the best friends of small spaces. So you can adapt the design you want, with the colours that you like the most, the material of your preference, and the spaces that you need.
  • Arm Chairs – One of the elements that cannot be missing in any decorative and cosy space, are the modern armchairs that in addition to providing design to the room, and a suitable rest space, provide a place that will undoubtedly invite you to read something. If you have space in your room, the use of modern armchairs allows you to have that space of relaxation where you can spend hours and hours comfortably as we have seen our grandparents and parents do all their lives.
  • Rocking Chairs – The best material for rocking chairs is wood because it is guaranteed to last for a long time. In addition, there are many designs, sizes and colours to choose from, in addition to many styles. Normally good quality rocking chairs are expensive because they are usually made by hand. This is to achieve that design that makes them feature and have the power to rock. Beyond the price will be worth it because they will last a lifetime and will pass from generation to generation. There are rocking chairs to use inside the house and others outside the house. This means that the styles change a bit and that they are ready to not be damaged if the water falls, if there is wind or any other inclement weather.
  • Coffee Tables – Furniture for cafeteria is one of the most sensitive elements, as customers interact directly with them when they enter the area. Making them feel comfortable and welcome on all occasions is the real goal. That is why the coffee table deserves special attention within this broad category. Given that coffee tables do not constitute a separate chapter in the decoration of the premises, they must be perfectly adapted to the theme that we have adopted in the rest of the premises. Aspects such as the colour or shape of the tables must be completely combined with the rest of the elements of the cafeteria, such as the tone of the walls or the style of the chairs. Although we think that a table is especially beautiful or impressive, if we introduce it in a room with a different decoration, it will lose all its charm and harmony.
  • Settees & Lounges – This variety of range allows to configure different types and modalities of use, from the formal to the welcoming, comfortable and more informal types. The common denominator of the three seating systems is the wide variety of elements that allow the living space to be taken with extreme flexibility, i.e., linear modular, and five pouffes.
  • Console Tables – In the case of the tables, we can find both tables for the dining room as auxiliary tables and coffee tables that have the particularity of being adapted according to the needs of the guests.
  • Entertainment Units – If you are thinking of remodelling your entertainment center, since in addition to the different furniture you can have, in this space, we will show you several options to complement your entertainment center. Entertainment centers can be designed in a variety of styles and finishes to suit the architecture and aesthetics of your space. Doors provide a decorative element of good taste while hiding technology and wiring for a clean appearance. Custom-made cabinets, as well as trim and decorative details, create an appearance of furniture that has been installed. The lighting increases functionality and dramatically improves the aesthetics of a simple entertainment center design.
  • Display Units – There are various types of display units and wall units that are utilized in both at home in kitchen and storage space and commercial spaces such as showrooms, and vendors selling small storable accessories.