Wrought Iron Range

Wrought iron and steel may look similar on the surface, but these two metal alloys possess various raw materials, properties and industrial and decorative applications. While people sometimes use the terms “forge” and “steel” interchangeably, forged iron combines pure iron ore with a glassy material called iron silicate, while steel also contains carbon. Carbon content of 0.08 ~ 2.0% is steel, less than it is called wrought iron or soft iron, it is soft and does not bend even if hammered. More than that is pig iron or cast iron, it is hard and brittle. Also, among steel, ordinary steel or carbon steel with no added alloying elements such as nickel and chromium is called alloy steel or special steel. Stainless steel is an alloy steel that adds 12% or more of chromium and further contains nickel, molybdenum, etc. as needed, in order to improve the rusting resistance of steel. It is not only corrosion resistant but also very hard, abrasion resistance.

Cast iron is a generic term for any type of high carbon iron alloy that can be cast and poured into a mould instead of being forged or moulded. Cast iron is distinguished in several classes depending on the type or structure of the carbon present. The most common type of coal found in common is the pig iron (grey iron) graphite. Ductile iron is a kind of cast iron that has graphite, but its graphite is structured differently from that of regular cast iron. While ductile and molten iron is created by introducing carbon, ductile iron differs in that it is made by the addition of magnesium in the hot cast iron tub. The process causes the graphite to form a modular form of solidification.

  • Wrought Iron Bushes and Collars – They are used in most types of wrought iron works even for the furniture made of wrought iron. Bushes are used for connection different wrought iron parts together and to increase their design. Apart from this, they can be used to create ascending designs and patterns by placing them in the middle (typically when they are 1/3rd of the total length of a bar). Many different designs can be created with the help of different shapes of collars. They come in standard bar size for a perfectly fine fit. It is easy to weld them together.
  • Cast Iron Collars / Bushes – We supply a huge range of Cast Iron Collars and Bushes which provide a smooth finishing touch in any decorative handrail or fencing application. Please note that the galvanizing of Cast Iron products is not recommended.
  • Cast Iron Square Collars – Cast Iron Square Collars are used as connectors as well as a piece of decoration. The only distinction that they have is they come with pointy edges and are liked by some people over the round collars.
  • Mild Steel Turned Collars – Mild Steel Turned Collars are widely used in gates grills and many other decorative and ornamental items to increase the pickets and panels in them. We are one of the well-known Manufacturers and Suppliers of Mild Steel Turned Collars of India. The Mild Steel Turned Collars that we offer are highly valued for their precise constructions, even surface and rust resistance.
  • Gate Pulley Track Wheel – These are used in Gate Automation Solutions and include products such as cantilever gate accessories, sliding gate wheels, sliding gate tracks, heavy duty sliding gate wheels, guide rollers, sliding gate racks, gate hinges, adjustable gate hinges, heavy duty gate hinges, electric gate locks, sliding gate motors, swing gate motors, hydraulic gate motors, gate motors, overhead sliding door hardware, post caps, pulleys, boom gates etc.
  • Fancy Gate Square Handles – You can choose from a great range of door handles, lever handles, pull handles, rim lock knobs, screen door handles, fancy gate handles, square gate handles and sliding door handles.
  • Fancy Hinges – We are leading manufacturer and exporter of first-class fancy hinges. These fancy hinges are made of a high-quality raw material that confirms to set industrial standards. Our range has been leading in this industry.
  • Rail Heads – Railheads are also known as wrought iron Finials, Spears or Spikes and are used to decorate the top of gates, railings, fencing etc. Wrought Iron Rail Heads are available in a wide range of styles and finishes.
  • Baskets & Panels – Replace the plastic baskets with stylish chrome wire mesh baskets. Our baskets and panels have updated designs and finish.
  • Leaves & Flowers – Also called hot-stamped metal leaves & flowers, artistic wrought iron flowers, pressed sheet metal flowers. Casted steel leaves are made of steel; various kinds of styles can be selected such as decorative wrought iron cast steel flowers and leaves, wrought iron rose. They are widely used on fences, staircases, gates, railings etc. as a decorative item. We can supply many types of wrought iron flowers and leaves including casted and stamped leaves and flowers.