Nirtej industrial-style-for-home

The industrial style, despite having its origin in the 50s, is now becoming a trend. Usually this style we typically find it is spacious and minimalist spaces. Even though he was born in New York, little by little he has been flooding all the cities in the world.

The essence of an industrial style is that all furniture has its essence in the industrial era: the presence of bricks, metal and steel furniture, high ceilings, exposed beams, large windows.

The keys to convert decorating your home with an industrial style

1. Glass, wood and metal

If you’re looking for an industrial decoration, you cannot forget about these three elements. You simply have to substitute the traditional tables and chairs for others where glass, wood or metal are the protagonists. In this way, the furniture will have its personality in the purest industrial style and will bring harmony to the rest of the house. In addition, one of the elements is also to let the pipes in space.

2. Brick

Another essential element in this style is brick. If you have a very large space, a brick wall would be perfect. But you do not have to use real bricks. You will get a decorative paper that imitates the texture of the brick and looks great.

3. High ceilings and with beams

For a house to truly have an industrial style, it is essential that the ceilings have a perfect height, since they give a feeling of spaciousness. Also, the ideal would be that exposed beams of wood or metal. If your house does not have this type of roof, do not worry, since there are countless possibilities to decorate it similarly.

4. Minimalist decoration and imperfect furniture

Perfection is not typical of the industrial style. Therefore, try to decorate your house with slightly minimalist decoration, with textures on the walls in different ways, and with somewhat worn furniture. The rusted for example shows the industrial era to perfection. You can go to the traces or street markets of your city and take a look at all the decorative furniture they have. You always find something to your liking.

5. Huge windows

Bearing in mind that one of the leading tips of the industrial style is the amplitude, the windows by obligation have to be large. In addition to providing luminosity, which makes the minimalist style look better, it makes the house more spacious. Ordinarily, large windows go back to the factories, and that is why you should not put curtains.

6. Color range

Colours are also an essential part. Usually, the most common is to use white, black, grey, brown, blue or beige. Ideally, try to combine these colours so that your home is not too dark or too bright. You have to throw imagination.

Follow these six ideas that we propose, and you will surely make your home a perfect home with an industrial style!.