There are many things that can only be through the doors of a house (although it may be overstrained). There were a very beautiful garden and lobby gate in a British house.  Someday, I wanted to recreate such a lovely gate in some way at my home, and soon I began to observe and study these garden gates. I tried searching while travelling throughout the UK, and this is already plentiful! A gate like mass-produced was unusual, and I was surprised that there were various gates of all kinds of outer expressions. Not only the famous gardens scattered around the country but also when I looked carefully, I found a variety of gates in the neighborhood residential area of the house in London where I lived.

The mainstream is a classic design similar to a house, it is a gate that seems to have been designed with harmony with the surrounding landscape as its primary objective, but the garden gate rather looks like a string object from the point of view of security and safety. The role of decoration seemed to give priority to security by not leaving the open gaps that are too wide.

Also, as these gates were not similar in design and can be created by different people, I was eager to know where they could be purchased from, so I got acquainted with the gardener and immediately him about one. Then, I came to know that this is actually due to the existence of the craftsmanship remaining in the UK now, and most of the gates are handmade by order, one by one by the hands of the ironworkers and woodworkers, respectively. I was surprised by the actual situation.

Gate of the aristocratic garden, the magnificent iron gates (cast iron, kneaded iron) are mainstream. Feeling like a masterpiece to celebrate the lifetime of the famous blacksmith.

For ordinary individual houses and rural cottage gardens, a rustic carpenter and a small blacksmith who must have made them can be found, but it is surely made with craftsman’s many years of intuition without drawing. Well, the original gentle gems were found here and there.

There are about 4 specific design elements of the garden gates.

Is the material wood or iron? (There are absolutely no mass-production materials such as aluminium that you see many times in modern times.) There are timber gates made from trees and are iron gates. Personally, I like timber gates very much.

Although the gate is a symbolic existence for the house, what colour should the paint be to make it look in harmony with the surrounding walls, hedges and neighborhood environments? When the painting is not done, wood and other wooden materials beautifully weather. When it is the least rainy, and you have to wait for over a year.

On the functional side, does it gently block the boundary between the inside and the outside, or completely blocks it?

Is the design decorative or simple? Either way, if the shape is beautiful and appealing, you will get best of all. However, if it is a brilliant Iron Gate in the garden, it should be a formal design, and if you want a timid gentle gate, you will find a cottage-garden style with flowers and herbs blooming, so that, again, according to the above 2 points you should follow the style that makes sense with environment.

Based on the above points, it is also an option to attach an arch to the gate, try to make a rose arch with iron or form a tree arch with pine. What type of fence the left and right should enclose, or what kind of tree if it is a kind of hedge? It is a subject of exploration.

It may be a little fancy idea, such as ordering a garden gate to a craftsman, but if you plan to live there for the rest of your life and continue to use it every day, I think that you want to get a lovely garden gate.

If you enjoy indoors wooden gate. You can make a unique and charming impression. It would be nice if it could be a similar colour with one types of the flowers blooming in the garden.