A beautiful home is the dream of everyone and Nirtej help you to beautify your house with sturdy and durable home products which are both decorative as well as standardized. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and therefore provide best in class products. You will get beautiful products of both wrought iron and cast iron here and that too almost all types of variety as well as colour. We specialize in all sort of furniture whether it is for indoor purpose or you want them for outdoor use. The features like brilliant finish, excellent looks and high durability make our products stand out in the crowd. We also deal in the Indian wooden furniture items which are handcrafted by highly expert craftsmen. You will get a mesmerizing range of all the products which we manufacture and this is what makes us the leader in our industry.

You can buy beautiful beds, sturdy tables, comfortable and elegant sofas, trendy bar chairs, bar stools, all sort of chairs, the furniture for your garden and handcrafted wooden furniture here at Nirtej. We are the most trusted brand when it comes about the products of wrought iron.

Various products in which we deal in

Primarily there are four main categories of products in which we deal, and these are listed as below:

The range of Wrought iron products

There are different products of wrought iron in which we specialize such as fences, gates, security doors, railings, grills for windows, staircase and many more related products. These products are suitable regarding decoration as well as for providing security to your home.

Different types of Fasteners

The fasteners are used in the industrial; applications and which have a significant purpose of enduring high tension. There are many other fasteners also which are used by the industries in platforms, mouldings, roofs, fences, and mouldings etc. The fasteners you will get from us will be high quality which would have undergone an adequate set of procedures for testing, and therefore we provided you with the guarantee to prevent your metal furniture and wrought from commodities away from rust as well as corrosion.

The range of Wooden Products

We provide you wide range of wooden products which are explicitly crafted by traditional and highly trained craftsmen. The beauty of this wooden furniture products will add an attractive charm to your home. We also make wooden furniture on demand and keep all your specifications in mind while crafting them.

Various decorative articles

You will get a whole range of decorative items here at Nirtej. You can find a small photo frame here to highly valued sculptures and statues also. We have all types of decorative items for every corner of your home.