The reasons why the wooden object is always a good idea!

An undeniable advantage of the wooden object is its adaptability in all styles of interiors. Indeed, in contrast to the metal accessory that brings a strong touch of modern or industrial style, the wooden object meanwhile will fit in all the decorations. If, for example, you want to completely change your decor, in most cases the wooden furniture will stay and offer a second life. Wooden gates are mostly used on the interiors of the house, but in some cases, they can be used as the exterior main gates too.

Thanks to its durability and charm, it is very difficult to be tired of the wooden object, the wooden furniture and simply wood in the broad sense. Indeed, it is easy to create new sets, to have inspiration thanks to this unique and noble material.

It is always interesting to integrate wooden objects which at first sight are not essential but which will become it quickly for the good of your interior decoration.

The perfect example to support my remarks is the lamp with a wooden lampshade, indeed, the charm of this wooden decorative object lies in its wooden lampshade and its unique shape. Another example of a wooden object would be a coat stand with a creative structure that would completely change the look and style of your room by incorporating a touch of originality!

Different wood styles for different styles of interiors

Every interior has its own style and that’s the undeniable truth! That is why it is often difficult for us to coordinate all the elements of our interior so that they fit best into the style originally decreed. But rest assured, small rules can help you facilitate the coordination of all these elements.

Indeed, if you like dark colours and assertive styles, the best choice will be to opt for an industrial deco, in which the furniture will be the soul of your interior. In this case, choosing solid wood furniture will be the best solution: A large table combining solid wood and metal associated with chairs and complemented by a solid wood bookcase in your living room. The allies of wood in this style of decoration will often be metal and leather!

If you prefer the Scandinavian style that is more like a simple and clean decoration from the Nordic countries, we advise you to use pastel colors as well as woods with light colors: the goal is to lighten the room as much as possible in which you integrate this type of decoration, in order to obtain an impression of greatness and lightness. Also, consider using original geometric shapes that are one of the main features of decoration. At the level of the wooden furniture, favor the tables with elegant lines and the compass feet.

Another important aspect to consider is to consider the dimensions of your room: if you have a small space, do not overload your interior with large pieces of wood, but choose small furniture in light wood!

Another very fashionable style in which you can incorporate furniture and wood accessories is the vintage style. You will be able to please you by mixing furniture and new objects with objects of the last century which you will have found in flea markets.

The perfect combinations for your wooden objects

The perfect chords on wood, especially if it is raw wood should be decided to take into consideration all types of existing wood. Keeping the same kind of wood for all the furniture in the house, from beech furniture to oak furniture, for example, could be a good starting point.

With dark woods, promote warm colours that will help bring out the style of your interior.

The rough woods, meanwhile, can combine with cold colours for a beautiful effect. For an optimal harmony in your interior, a tip is to first choose the main furniture and then coordinate the rest of your interior. As you will probably understand, the wood can be a good ally in our interior, whether it is a little touch with decorative objects or a set of furniture for an assertive decor.

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