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To make the correct choice of the door that we want for our home, we can be guided by the price or the material with which the door is made.

When we decide to make the choice according to the material, we still find ourselves with different types of doors. When what the customer is looking for a type of door that mainly offers security. What is most recommended are these two options for the doors.

Armoured doors are a type of door that is usually used mainly in shops and offices.

Also, with the insecurity that is prevailing among people, it is becoming increasingly common to find them installed in private homes.

There are many different types of metal doors in the modern market to choose from for our apartment, our house or our office. There are some standard measures of pedestrian access and also access to vehicles as they are manufactured on request. These can be foldable or sliding doors. These types of doors are manufactured by order, in this way can be adjusted as much as possible to the needs of customers who request it, taking into account the type of opening, closing and type of measurement.

Folding and sliding metal doors

In the first example, the types of folding metal doors are decorative because they give us the possibility to create many designs and each one can be adapted to the needs and preferences of the clients of this type of doors. They can be a leaf opening towards a single side or they can also be of two equal or asymmetric leaves opening each leaf on a certain side.

The second case is that of sliding doors, although its operation is simple and common, there are different models of sliding metal doors each model is better suited to certain rooms of the house.

Accessories and functions

We have the inner slider this is the one that slides through a hidden space between 2 partitions.

Then there is an outer slider. Contrary to the previous example, it slides through a space that is visualized in the upper and outer part of the partition.

Then we have the slide of a door that has a single simple sheet that slides through either hiding between the 2 partitions or showing through the outside.

The style of these types of metal doors is used more for the interior of the house, giving it a modern and very decorative touch in the home.

Although they are made of metal they are not designed like most of them are made of metal but we always see them installed as entrance doors since they are very resistant and safe.

In general terms and to conclude today’s article we say that these two types of metal doors are undoubtedly the strongest in the market of the doors since they are made of steel and wrought iron and are very resistant to the impact of the environmental forces.

Also, they do not need maintenance for a long time. That is why, these specific types of model are ideal for the entrance doors, as they will take care of security. There are also some other more decorative models that are used in different places in modern houses.