nirtej wrought iron fence

When you buy or think of buying the fence for your home it is highly essential that you do thorough research whether the manufacturer has used the preventive measures to keep they rust away. Rust decreases the life of iron, and it also makes it brittle. To increase the longevity of the iron products they should be well protected from rusting. The method which is used by your manufacturer has a significant impact on the appearance of the fence and also on its durability and its longevity as well. Therefore you should very carefully check the rust preventions technique used in the fence you are interested in buying.

There are many result preventions which are used by the companies in their iron and steel products, but there are three main rust prevention techniques which are most widely used by the manufacturers. These techniques are discussed as below:

1. The E-Coating procedure

E-coating is a very commonly used and fairly adequate method to prevent the wrought and cast iron products from getting rust. These days many manufacturers are using the E-coating technique to increase the durability of their products. In this process of rust prevention, the fence pieces are dipped in the paint -like fluid which is organic and water-soluble as well. When the fence pieces are in this liquid, then an electric charge is passed through that solution. With this electric charge the e-coating bonds permanently with the metal.

For e-coating, it is highly essential that the metal is adequately prepped and it is properly cleaned so that there are no untreated residues or welds which do not let the coating adhere to the metal surface evenly. It should be bear in mind that when the iron fence is e-coated, it should be applied thinly because of the bonding. This also means that whenever there is a little scratch on the coated surface, then it will make that surface bare and prone to formation of rust.

2. Hot-Dip Galvanization technique

The hot-dip galvanization is the best method for preventing the iron fences from getting rust. Therefore this technique is mainly used in heavy duty construction projects. This method helps the iron and steel fences from corrosions caused by atmosphere, soil and water. In this process, the fence pieces are taken and then dipped in a molten zinc bath. This way the zinc get permeated to all the surfaces of the fence pieces. Its advantage over the e-coating method is that a thick coating of the zinc can be applied on the iron pieces and it does not even require the electric charge for doing so. This is the best way to protect the iron products from the formation of rust on them.

3. The Primer Paint

The primer paint is not a very good rust prevention technique. In this method with the help of a paint nozzle, an aerosol is applied on the surface of the metal. In this method, the coverage of the paint is usually not very uniform. Generally, this rust protection is used on the handmade fences in small shops where they do not have access to extensive and better rust prevention techniques.